Principles for 2020 public services

September 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

A report by the Public Service From Social Security To Social Productivity: a vision for 2020 Public ServicesTrust at the RSA (United Kingdom) releases insights and possible directions to take to improve the public services of the future.

As many they are realizing the power in mobilizing citizens and collective resources to create better social and economic outcomes and respond to the current challenges.

The public service model, although different, are a current issue in most European countries where models conceived around the second world war still being used.

” Over the last decade and more we have seen narrow, service focused debates producing narrow, service focused solutions.”
Principles for 2020 Public Services

Our need have change, and diversify. However we still have services directed from the centre. The system doesn’t allow citizens to active participate and help, but rather be passive consumers, every time more dependant on the state’s help.
These system continues to focus on the symptoms rather than finding the cause and dealing with it. The constraints and bureaucracy around just raises barriers against active participation and innovative solutions.

How can we take action? What new roles can citizens take? How we improve the system making it more flexible and effective?

While many questions still to be solve and we will have to prototype possible solutions, it is clear that we need a change. A change that supports capable, resilient citizens, who can make choices by them self and in a model where it is facilitated our social contribution.

In the report some visions are highlighted:

– A shift in culture:From social security to social productivity.
– A shift in power: From the centre to citizens.
– A shift in finance: Reconnecting financing with the purposes of public services (Letting people know how the money is spent)
Principles for 2020 Public Services

It is clear that we need a change, and seems that now is the moment when this is happening.  There is many questions in how this change should take place and would be great that the public starts a debate and gets engage in the process.

Where do we start the dialogue? Any comments would be very appreciated.

If you would like to contribute to the development of those ideas (I mean public services are for all of us, so we better take action) check their website
Or check Participle


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