How web video powers global innovation

November 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

Last july, Chris Anderson talked at Ted about “How web video powers global innovation

Web video is allowing us to share information and learn from each other. But not just those in the near from you, but from people around the whole world. From kids learning break-dancing tricks from the other side of the globe to scientific learning in minutes how to replicate an experiment. This digital sharing is sparking ideas on each other. We can emulate what others are doing and then build on it, innovating quicker. Chris calles it Crowd Accelerated Innovation.

We want to start a conversation about creative process, collaborative methods and the future of work. We will release a short video after every session. Sharing what we do, our process and our results. We hope there is something to learn, or that inspires you! And feedback will be very welcome.

For us Innovating together means innovation for all.

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