Enable Sessions are a complete process we could describe as “fast collaborative design”: a group of around 20 non-designers is invited to tackle a challenge of your choice. They have known a constantly growing success as the process was being refined, and we started offering professional sessions in 2010, as a way to support our commissioner’s R&D activities with a more user-centered approach.

The entire session is designed in advance in such a way that it comprises all the elements of a professional design thinking session – analysis, brainstorming, ideation, concept development, design, prototyping, presentation and feedback. It is facilitated by a team of professional designers and researchers, who coordinate the tasks but refrain to intervene in them, so that the outcome really is the original result from non-experts working to better their own environment.

A documentation is compiled at the end of every session, that includes both the final projects and all valuable statements, discussions and prototypes. This serves as grounds for future development, and unless agreed otherwise is made accessible to all on our website under a Creative Commons license.

Our services to professionals are declined into 3 different models:


These prospective sessions research original concepts by having users design solutions to challenges they face daily. We provide tangible results and documentation that can be used to develop future products & services.

Case Study: Session XI – Visions for Mobility
We were commissioned by InnoZ – Innovation Agency for Mobility and Social Change – to write a report on mobility trends by gathering direct insights from citizens.
We gathered 20 people who were living in Berlin and had a genuine interest in the Transportation topic. During the session participants were invited to share insights – revealing their inner needs – and to prototype their preferred solutions. The resulting video documentation was shown to both Deutsche Bahn and Berlin local government, as an inspiration for designing future transportation systems.


These sessions focus on a specific practical issue. Users participate by expressing their genuine needs, testing potential solutions and bringing innovation to existing products or systems.

Case Study: Session VIII – Designing Future Housing
Following a brief from Treehugger founder Graham Hill, we asked participants to design their future housing in an optimised energy- and space-saving way.
We invited participants within the blueprints of an average apartment, and gave them specific scenarii to work on. The framework was designed so that they could follow an entire creative process in a shorter time, revealing not only which specific needs they would identify in a given situation, but also relevant thinking patterns and recurrent concerns.


Through training sessions we strive to share our experiences, so participation becomes a new standard in order to design more human-centred working environments.

Case Study: Session X – Designing Public Space
This session was organised as part of Cognitive Cities colloquium, and was dedicated to having participants experience the method hands-on, rather than just theory.
Enable sessions have evolved a great deal since we first invited users to work through a design process. We have prototyped and tested different formats and learnt to organise sessions, frame tasks for non-experts, withdraw creative barriers and enable insight- and skill-sharing.
We now offer to share this knowledge of ours by holding didactic sessions, that highlight the key points in our process and will enable you to reproduce and adapt them internally.


We offer our services as a design team to complete the session by developing one or several of the concepts evoked during the session. We can work in collaboration with both participants and designers from your team in order to facilitate the exchange of information.
Just like sessions, our design services are developed specifically according to your project and priorities.


We cannot emphasise enough how beneficial an Enable Session can be, for a company as well a for the general public. They are not only the occasion to create better products, but also to build up trust between the institution, its employees and the users by following a more human-centred and participative approach.
Enable sessions are in constant development, and we are happy to adapt our format to your requirements. Please feel free to visit our website to see previous sessions in detail, and of course to contact us if you would like us to design a session for you


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