Opening Up: Session Fees

May 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

We would to open up here the way we charge for our sessions.

The graphic displays how we use the money that we receive. (Session Design is 20.8%, -the top right bit-, then follow clockwise)

If you claim to be doing something social and fair, we believe that everything should be open and transparent.
Of course sometimes is scary to open up and show what is happening behind the curtain, but if we are sure that what we do is fair, why shouldn’t we do it?
It helps us to show that we believe in what and how we do it, but also other people to learn about the work that is behind the process.

So here is the first chart with the distribution of our fees* and a little explanation of each component.

  • Session Design: Meeting with the client, Understanding the Challenge, Setting goals and background research, designing the creative process for the session and gather the participants.
  • Session Hosting: Preparing space, tools and materials, visuals, hosting participants, leading session and documentation.
  • Session Facilitators: Fees for facilitators.
  • Space, Tools and Materials: Rental space, materials and tools for people to play with.
  • Miscellaneous: Usage/rental of technical equipment.
  • Catering: Food and drinks for participants.
  • Kick Starter**: Kick starter for a team that would like to take ideas forwards as Start-up/ social business.
  • Enable Berlin: Budget to continue developing Enable Berlin, legal issues, …

Further info:

* Fees: They are in percentages because they are not always the same amount, so we prefer to show how we distribute them rather than a final quantity.

**Kick Starter: This is our idea for Crowd sourcing. It was introduced at our last session (visions for Mobility). If we are earning something with a session we also want that the community gets something. At the same time we wanted to support locals to be proactive in solving social challenges. So we came up with this kick starter idea:

If any of the participants in the session is inspired to take further one/some of the concepts generated in the session in the form of social business or start-up, we will give them a small grant to help kick start the project.

We will welcome feedback about what you think about this step we are taking towards more transparent structures.


How web video powers global innovation

November 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

Last july, Chris Anderson talked at Ted about “How web video powers global innovation

Web video is allowing us to share information and learn from each other. But not just those in the near from you, but from people around the whole world. From kids learning break-dancing tricks from the other side of the globe to scientific learning in minutes how to replicate an experiment. This digital sharing is sparking ideas on each other. We can emulate what others are doing and then build on it, innovating quicker. Chris calles it Crowd Accelerated Innovation.

We want to start a conversation about creative process, collaborative methods and the future of work. We will release a short video after every session. Sharing what we do, our process and our results. We hope there is something to learn, or that inspires you! And feedback will be very welcome.

For us Innovating together means innovation for all.

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