SESSION XIV – Open tools in the Urban Context

February 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

A collaboration between Enable Berlin and Open Source Ecology (Kansas City), Enable Session XIV: OPEN TOOLS IN THE URBAN CONTEXT is scheduled for Wednesday, February 8, and will be focusing on the combined topics of urban infrastructures and DIY. This will be the perfect occasion to understand how citizens and users interact with space, what are the tools available for them to do so, and how could they be perfected.

Open Source Ecology is a network of farmers and engineers running a factory farm in Kansas City. They have set out to develop a basic set of tools with which they can autonomously build an entire infrastructure, and have been disclosing their process as an open-source documentation, so that everybody else in the world can learn from them, and improve on the existing tools.
Nikolay Georgiev works as part of this network, and for the occasion of his coming to Berlin, Enable will be running a session dedicated to learning about his experiences and developing new solutions for the urban context.
As during every session, participants from various backgrounds will be invited to analyse and discuss their very needs, determine which are the key problems they encounter, imagine and prototype new solutions.
If you wish to join the event, please let us know by email at: or by signing up on the facebook event.
Open Source Ecology:


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